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Welcome to Soniclayers Mastering, a provider of professional audio mastering services located in Dallas, Texas. We bring convenience and quality at an affordable price to you using the latest in online communication and digital audio technology.


What will Soniclayers Mastering bring to your music?

Soniclayers Mastering will bring your final audio mix to its highest potential before being released in either digital download format or compact disc. Think of this step as a final quality control check of your music by a highly skilled mastering engineer in a listening environment designed for critical evaluation. This final process will consist of the following steps to make sure your music reaches its highest possible quality.

Tonal balance of individual songs.

Level balancing for each song and an overall balance between all songs in a compilation.

Songs are sequenced in order with appropriate fades, crossfades and spacing between tracks.

Proper digital encoding for compact disc replication or digital download format.

We know how much love and passion went into the creation of your music and we at Soniclayers Mastering share that passion for exceptional sound quality. Let us help you bring your music to its highest audio potential with our mastering services.


Listen to the audio examples below to hear the difference Soniclayers Mastering can bring to your music.


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